Otis L. Collins

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Service - US Army – 365th Infantry, 92nd Division
Rank - Private
Born - 19 June 1922
Died - 18 July 1945 - DNB
Buried - Popular Springs United Church of Christ Cemetery on Old Stage Road, Raleigh, NC
Township - St. Mary's

Prior to entering service, Mr. Collins lived at Rt. 1, Garner, NC and was employed by Rex Hospital in Raleigh.  He enlisted in the US Army at Fort Bragg on 30 April 1943 and was single.  He was assigned to the 92nd Infantry “Buffalo” Division, the only black division to fight in World War II in Europe.  Private Otis Lathan Collins died in battle on the 18 July 1945.  This unit fought in France in WW I and in Italy in WW II. 

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