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Brick Order Form

Here is the link to the brick order form.  The form is an adobe acrobat.



 Frequently Asked Questions

Bricks can be ordered for any US veteran or current soldier that lives/lived in the area or anywhere in the world.   

Could I have an emblem or a logo on my brick?

Yes, but the cost is extra.  Use the contact information shown on the brick order form for pricing.

Do the characters need to be centered on the brick order form?

No. The engraver will center the characters on the brick during the engraving process. 

How many bricks may I order?

As many as you wish.  There is no limit on the number but there will be only one brick on each brick order form.

How many characters on each line?

Sixteen (16) characters per line including spaces, dots, dashes, commas, etc. is the target.  Absolutely no more than seventeen (17) characters can be accepted.  Hint: omit punctuation.

How many engraved brick are estimated to be placed in the memorial walkway?

The Veterans Memorial Committee estimates that 2000 or more engraved bricks will be in place for the dedication in late 2012.  We anticipate placement of engraved bricks in the Walkway of Honor for years to come.

How many engraved brick are estimated to be placed in the memorial walkway?

The Veterans Memorial Committee estimates that 2000 or more engraved bricks can be added to the Walkway of Honor.

How many lines on each brick?

The 8″ x 4″ brick paver can accommodate three (3) lines.  The 8″ x 8″ brick paver can accommodate five lines.

How will I know if my brick order has been received and all is well?

If there are questions or a need for clarification a committee member will contact you.  Routine notice of brick order receipt is not planned.

If I send five brick order forms together could these five be laid together in the walkway if I requested such?

There is a possibility, if the order forms are submitted together, that the five would be in the same vicinity but may not be adjacent.  A request for adjacent placing will require special handling by both the engraver and the construction contractor which could be cost prohibitive.  The memorial committee is unable to guarantee that the five bricks would end up together.  Part of the benefit of random placement would be discovery while searching for “your bricks”.

What if a brick was engraved with something other than what I wanted?

According to the brick order form.  “Please verify all spelling and format.  Bricks will be engraved according to your specifications.”  If the engraving is as specified, the contributor would be expected to bear the cost of corrective engraving and replacement.  If engraving is contrary to your specifications the memorial committee will bear replacement cost.  Please be aware that spacing between groups of characters on a line or elimination of unneeded punctuation is not considered contrary to your specifications.

What is the brick color?

We have chosen a Pine Hall English Edge Red brick paver which is 2 1/4″ thick in sizes 8″ x 4″ and 8″ x 8″.

What is the deadline for ordering bricks?

Bricks will always be available.

What is the size of the engraved letters and numbers?

The engraving is 5/8″ in height and approximately 1/16″ deep, with black lithochrome dye penetrating the engraved letters/numbers.

What methods of payment for brick orders are acceptable?

Checks, money orders or cash.

When will I be able to see the engraved brick I ordered?

The next batch of engraved bricks will be installed when orders reach 40 – 50 bricks.  You will be notified when they are installed; usually takes up to six months.

Who is eligible to have an engraved brick placed in the Garner Veterans Memorial Walkway of Honor?

Any military veteran, living or deceased, residence worldwide, of any US military branch of service which is recognized by the Department of Defense, including Reserves and National Guard.

Will I get a notice of donations made for tax purposes?

Yes.  Garner Veterans Memorial, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization.  A donation letter showing a net deductible amount will be sent to each contributor.