Gifts in Memory of

All Military Veterans by Constance Fortmeyer

All Military Veterans by Charles & Janet Purser

FIC Lenwood S. Ashworth, US Navy, WW II by Pete Ashworth & Eva Walters

Carnell Bailey, US Army, WW II, POW and Roney Bailey, US Army, WW II, POW (brothers) by Mr. & Mrs. Franklin Bailey

Sterling Henry Ball, US Army, 1955-1957 by Mary T. Ball & Durwood Ball

Lee Milton Barkley, US Navy, WW II  by Rod & Janice Wilkins

Ray Barnhouse, US Marine Corps by Charles & Wanda Barnhouse

Ray Barnhouse, US Marine Corps by Ethel Watkins

Ray Barnhouse, US Marine Corps by Garner Lions Club

Victor E. Bell, Jr., US Army, WW II by Bell Family Foundation

Robert A. Bryan, WW II Veteran and Samuel H. Bryan, Needham F. Bryan, and Henry C. Bryan, War Between the States by Robert A. Bryan, Jr.

Richard Carl Campbell, WW II Veteran by Johnny & Carleen Massey

Buffaloes, Bryants and Chamblees that have served by Kaye Whaley

Jack J. Dean and Norfleet Dean, WW II by Zola D. Boyette

Bernon Wayne English, US Army by Pandora D. Holloway

Robert Fenton, lst Lt., US Army, WW II by Barry & Laurie Partlo

Bobby Floyd, US Army, Vietnam  by Floyd & Ina Wiggins – Floyd Wiggins, US Army, Vietnam

Bobby C. Gardner, US Air Force Veteran by Michael, Lisa, & Meredith Bullard

James C. Gardner, Sr., WW I Veteran by Arthur C. Beaman, WW II Veteran

Hubert S. Gill III, Vietnam Veteran by Sue Gill

Maj. Samuel Mark Griffith, US Marine Corps, killed in Afghanistan 14 December 2011 by Faye Gardner

Bill Haden, US Army, Korean War by Dr. Nelson Haden, Animal Medical Center of Garner, PC            

Rufus Howell, WW II Veteran by Major General Charles E. Scott (Retired)      

James H. Hudnall, US Army, WW II by Carolyn M. Hudnall

Samuel H. Hudson, Jr., US Army/OSS, WW II by Hudson’s Hardware, Inc.

Willis Jackson, Sr.,  Woodrow Cambron,  Jack Cambron,  & Ralph Cambron, WW II Veterans by Hardin Watkins & Elizabeth D. Jackson

Clifton Johnson, Korean War Veteran by Steven & Kris Hudson

Capt. Larry A. Jones, US Army, Vietnam by Algie & Clara Stephens

Michael J. Joyce, US Coast Guard by Pandora D. Holloway

Wilbur M. Larson, PVT, US Army, WW II by Barry & Laurie Partlo

Robert E. Lee by Laverne B. Lee

R. W. Moore, US Army, WW II by Dan & Bethany Moore

Gaston McCoy Norris, US Coast Guard, World War II by Pandora D. Holloway

Alvin W. Partlo, lst Lt., US Army Air Corp, WW II by Barry & Laurie Partlo

Alvin W. Partlo, US Air Force, WW II by Nathalie Partlo

Wilbur W. Partlo, lst TSGT, US Army, WW II by Barry & Laurie Partlo

Robert P. Pope, WW II Veteran by William & Janice Blalock

Arnold C. Price, US Army, WW II by Carl D. Price, Korean War Veteran

Simon Reynolds, US Army, WW II by Mr. & Mrs. Jim Reynolds

F. Donald Rohrbaugh, Korean War Veteran by Betty H. Rohrbaugh

F. Don Rohrbaugh, Korean War Veteran, former Mayor of the Town of Garner, and Brother Knight by Knights of Columbus, Council #11266

PFC Henry C. Sanchez, US Marine Corps, Iraq Freedom Conflict by Pat Ayscue

PFC Henry Sanchez, US Marine Corps by Elizabeth Seitz

Todd Singleton by Mr. & Mrs. John Singleton

Preston Taylor, US Army, WW II by John Preston Taylor, US Army, Persian Gulf War

Ted Taylor, US Army, Vietnam War by James “Jimmy” L. Williams, Army National Guard Veteran