Memorial Design

Garner Veterans Memorial Committee

The judging for the Garner Veterans Memorial Competition took place on Saturday, October 24th. The jurors had their work cut out for them. All the submittals were unique and well thought out. All could have been a great memorial for Garner. After many hours studying and evaluating each submittal the jurors selected the following:

First Place Clearscapes, PA
Second Place Skinner Lamm & Highsmith
Third Place ms consultants, inc.


The jurors had the following comments for each of the selected designs:


First Place

  • Very good concept. Correlation of plaques with the conflict and the historical information related are impressive.
  • Consider increasing the space between the vertical panels for a better assembly area.
  • The thickness of the taller panels needs increasing; looks weak.
  • Consider placing a flat stone edging along the vertical panels where grass occurs foreasier maintenance.   


  • Incorporating a grove of trees could be beneficial.

Second Place

  • Simple, elegant concept.
  • Slight re-orientation could have taken better advantage of the view across the open meadow.
  • The area for plaques is limited, especially for the future.
  • Limited inclusion of educational information.
  • Consider placing the stone edging along the walk in the same plane as the adjacent grass and the walk itself.
  • Integration of the engraved brick area with the walk is to be commended.

Third Place

  • This design took advantage of the view across the open meadow.
  • The concept of the missing seventh stone bench, representing those service men & women missing in action, was well done.
  • Handicapped accessibility to the stage area is awkward.
  • Interior circulation is tight.
  • A better connection to the parking area could have been provided.

The submittal boards for First, Second, and Third Place are to remain with Garner Veterans Memorial Committee. All other boards can be picked up Monday, October 26 through Wednesday October 28. Those not picked up will be discarded.

It is the Committee’s intent to award the prize money for the selected designer at the November 17th Garner Board of Aldermen’s Meeting.

The Garner Veterans Memorial Committee would like to thank all those that participated in this design competition, for their hard work and dedication in providing an array of unique solutions. By participating you have made this a successful completion.

Clearscapes, PA
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Skinner Lamm & Highsmith
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ms consultants, inc
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