We envision a memorial which displays respect, honor, esteem and admiration for those fellow citizens of our community who have served and will serve in our nation’s armed forces.

We have a vision of a veterans’ memorial sited on choice, accessible property and which exhibits dignity and distinction.

We see a memorial which provides a venue for visiting relatives, friends and others to reflect and feel proud and pleased with the honors the memorial bestows.

We envision a veterans’ memorial which assures our children that, if they must go to war, their sacrifices will not go unhonored and their deaths will not go unmarked.

We picture a veterans’ memorial which will be a priority site for visitors for generations to come.

We visualize a memorial which is a testament to the service and sacrifices made by Garner Area veterans to preserve our freedom.

We foresee a place where ceremonial honors for both our living and fallen heroes can be conducted.